• Peluuri prevents and reduces social, economic and health related problems caused by gambling.
  • The basic task is carried out by providing support,counselling and information services, and by conveying information about the prevention and treatmentof gambling problems.
  • The target groups of the services are gamblers, their significant others and professionals encountering gambling in their field of work.
  • The focus of the operation is related to the harms caused by gambling, but the services of Peluuri are also available for digital gamers and their significant others.
  • The services are nationwide and free of charge. Peluuri was established in 2004.

Peluuri, along with the Information and Support Point Tiltti, is a part of the Helsinki Gambling Clinic, which also offers outpatient treatment for citizens of Helsinki and Vantaa.

Peluuris services are organized together by the A-Clinic Foundation and the Finnish Blue Ribbon. These two background organizations have been active participants in the prevention and treatment of gambling related harms ever since 1989.

The service is financed by the Finnish gaming operator Veikkaus Oy. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is responsible for the operational assessment.

See also Summary of Peluuri's Annual Review 2017 in English page 5

NB: The logo of Peluuri is subjected to license and its public use is limited to the producers, sponsors and interest groups of the service. 


Peluuri / Gambling Clinic
Siltasaarenkatu 12 A, 6 th floor