Useful Web-sites regarding gambling problem

Helping instances and info sites:

The Swedish helpline and online service for problem gamblers and their family and friends.

Discussion over gambling problems in English, survival stories, blogs etc.

Get gambling facts
A Canadian website, which presents compact facts regarding gambling. The site does also include different tests, games and simulators which help you explore the odds of winning and losing.

Responsible Gambling Council
The website of a Canadian council specialised in preventing and researching harms caused by gambling, containing information for different gambler groups, different virtual tools etc.

Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario
The website of the Canadian Ontario Institute contains different self-help tools in English for gamblers and their loved ones.

British Columbia Responsible Gambling
Information regarding games played for money, gambling and gambling problems in texts, visions and different visual formats.


Research and science for persons interested in the subject:

CAMH Journal of Gambling Issues
An electronic science magazine, which contains peer reviewed scientific publications regarding gambling, gambling problems and how gambling affects us all. The publisher of the magazine is The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, a leading Canadian teaching hospital.

European Association for the Study of Gambling
A European organisation concentrated on gambling research.

National Center for Responsible Gambling
An American organisation which develops research and treatment of gambling addiction.

National Council on Gambling Problem
An American federal organisation which has members from many different states.

Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre
A Canadian research centre specialized on gambling problems.