For family and friends

Parents often worry about their children's gambling behaviour. Grown ups worry about their parents', spouses' or other family member's gambling behaviour.

Anyone can have a gambling problem. Gambling often affects people around the gambler as well, and studies show that between 5 and 10 people usually get affected. Side effects of gambling can appear as mental or financial issues, as well as physical problems or social isolation. Friends and family might feel abandoned and lonely, and the financial situation of the close family might also get ruined.

Comming to terms with a relative's gambling problem is often a shock for people close by. It is important to have someone to talk to about the situation, someone you trust. You can also turn to a doctor for futher advice on how to deal with the problem. From this section you find information about being a family member or friend to a gambler. The section includes a list of services aimed at friends and family as well as concrete tools and ways to help them.