Peluuri´s online services for family and friends

  • Peluuri´s free and confidential services are available via internet and by phone.
  • They are nationwide and available in both Finnish and Swedish for gamblers, their family and friends as well as for those who encounter harms caused by gambling through their work.
  • You can turn to Peluuri when gambling gets disturbing and you need an encouraging discussion with an outside professional.
  • Peluuri also offer peer support, self-help tools and tips and ways to control gambling. From Peluuri you also get information about services for you and the gambler available in your region.

Services for family and friends

Peluuri's gambling helpline, weekdays from noon to 6 p.m at the number 0800 100 101 (service in Swedish on Mondays)

  • Peluuri Helpline offers service primarily in Finnish and Swedish, in English when possible.
  • The phone is answered by a professional who is specialised in gambling problems.
  • The discussion is confidential: our employees have professional secrecy regarding everything that is discussed.
  •  Discuss about your significant others' gambling problem, how you are coping or what you as a loved one can do in order to contribute the recovering from the problem.
  • Ask about support and treatment options or about anything concerning gambling problems.
  •  We discuss the subject equally and with respect, taking your needs into account. We listen and encourage, and if you want we can give you tips and recommend future help.

Peluuri's Chat

  • The anonymous chat service is meant for discussions with our employees about the same topics as the helpline.
  • The Chat is handy for asking quick questions concerning services of Peluuri, content of the website and from where to seek for help in one’s own region.

The Valtti forum for gamblers and Hertta forum for their significant others

  • An online discussion group were you can read and comment other persons writings about gambling problems or start an own thread. The writers are mostly gamblers, but also loved ones and others who are interested in the subject.
  • Open for everyone to read. Writing requires registration and a nickname.
  • Find out more (only in Finnish) and click here to get to Valtti
  • Find out more about Hertta (only in Finnish)

Self-help and information

  • You find a lot of useful information from the family and friend – section and the databank located at the website of Peluuri.
  • Guide your loved one who gambles to familiarize himself/herself with the section for gamblers. There he/she can find plenty of information about support and treatment options and tips how to control gambling, for example a finance diary and a gambling diary.