Peluuri’s counselor answered the first call in autumn 2004. During the years we have grown from a gambling helpline to a versatile digital service package. Supporting people is still the heart of our services today.

Call 0800 100 101
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Peluuri's helpline -support, counselling & information in gambling problems

Peluuri's helpline 0800 100 101 is open every weekday from 12 noon to 6 pm. Peluuri's chat is open mon, wed, fri from 12 noon to 3 pm. Our services are free and confidential and in English if possible.

Call 0800 100 101


Peluurin auttava puhelin 20 vuotta

Peluuri - Help with gambling problems

  • If you notice you or your significant others are having problems with gambling and they begin to hamper your normal life, it is advisable to seek help. Gambling problems may get worse with time.
  • Gambling addiction affects each individual in a different way and each gambler will have unique needs for recovery. The type of support or treatment that works for one individual will not necessarily work for another.

OmaPeluuri - peer support online

Register to OmaPeluuri and get free access to:

  • Peer support 24/7
  • Discussion groups and a diary where you can share your thoughts on gambling
  • A guided Chat once a month
  • A discussion group for Significant Others
  • 6-week Kickstart Change - peer support group for gamblers.

Register to OmaPeluuri

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