The Finnish gambling system

In Finland the gambling is regulated by the Finnish Lotteries Act. Gambling operator Veikkaus has exclusive rights to organize gambling on the continent of Finland. In the Åland Islands the gambling is operated by PAF.

The monopoly system in Finland

The aim of the monopoly system used in Finland is to restrain the social and health related harms caused by gambling; such as uncontrolled gambling, crime and set-ups, as well as to guarantee the honesty of the games and the legal protection of the consumers.

The European Union allows the restriction of the competition with certain conditions: the prerequisite of the monopoly is a genuine and consistent effort to reach to goals set for the restriction of the harms, which fulfilment is regulated by the parliament and the Commission of the European Union.

The gambling profits are used for utilitarian purposes, in accordance with the Lotteries Act.

The gambling profits are used for funding of:

  • science, art, sport and youth work
  • social and welfare organizations, the helping of the less fortunate and the rehabilitation of the war veterans
  • the promoting of horse breeding and equestrian sports

The National Police Board is responsible of the supervision of  the provision of lottery gambling services.

The follow-up and research of the harms caused by gambling is conducted by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, who is also responsible for the prevention of these harms and the development of treatments. The Ministry fulfils these obligations in collaboration with the National Institute of Health and Welfare.

All gambling has been forbidden for persons under the age of 18 since the amendment that went into effect 1.7.2011. It has distinctly decreased gambling of young people.

The responsibility for the surveillance of the age limit lies with the gaming operators as well as with the representatives and sellers of the games. Neglecting the surveillance of the age limit can lead to criminal responsibility.

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