Peluuris mission and target groups

Peluuri prevents and reduces the social, financial and health-related problems caused by gambling. Our mission is carried out by producing support and counselling services and by producing information on problem gambling and how to prevent and treat it.

Target groups

  • The target groups for Peluuri’s services are gamblers, their significant others and professionals who come across people with gambling problems in their work.
  • The work focuses on the harms of gambling, but Peluuri’s services are also available to digital gamers and their close ones.
  • Peluuri’s services are available nationally and they are free of charge for the user.
  • The service is financed by the Finnish gaming operator Veikkaus Oy. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is responsible for the operational assessment.
  • Peluuri has been in operation since 2004.
Peluurin työntekijä neuvoo, tukee ja ohjaa peliongelmassa.