Gambling problem in Finland

A population survey concerning Finns gambling conducted every four years presents statistics of the extent of the Finnish gambling problem. Health surveys at schools that are conducted regularly every few years and surveys concerning health habits of the young give comparable data also of the gambling of young people.

Gambling problem in Finland

  • 2,7 % of Finns in the age group of 15-74 suffer from gambling problems at different levels. That is 110 000 Finns.
  • Different times of measurement haven´t showed any statistically significant differences in the extent of the gambling problem.
  • Gambling problems are three times more common among men than women (men 4,7 %, women 1,6 %).
  • There were most problem gamblers within the age group of 25-34 (4,1 %).
  • 56% of those categorized as problem gamblers in the survey did gamble daily or almost daily.
  • The change of the age limit (K-18) in 2011 has significantly reduced gambling within the group of young males. Gambling among girls was rarer already before the amendment.

There is no proof that the extent of the gambling problem has changed to one way or another. However, material collected by Peluuri suggests that there have been qualitative changes in the gambling problem within the last few years. Harms indicating serious gambling problems have occurred more often for example during calls to the helpline compared to previous years. 

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